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Drainforce is part of the Drainforce Group. We provide a wide range of drainage services from CCTV surveys, drain unblocking, drain cleaning, drain repairs to domestic, commercial and industrial clients. With 20 years experience to ensure your drains are clear and running free.

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Cesspit, Cesspool and Septic Tank Emptying

Looking for the best price to have your septic tank, cesspool or cesspit emptied?

  • Account Holding Client : £125.00
  • Non Account Holding Client: £150.00

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Not all properties are connected to the sewage drainage systems. In rural areas away from the sewage network you are more than likely on a cesspit, cesspool or septic tank.

Drainforce are a licensed waste disposal contractor which cares for Hundreds of private drainage systems which are not connected to the main drainage network. Drainforce appreciate the need to attend discreetly and efficiently with out any fuss. It is company policy to respond to any call within 24 Hours. MD Drain Service offers a Regular Service Scheme for private customers. This scheme is discounted and offers peace of mind by removing the need for constant checking.

Drainforce offers private customers an affordable alternative to the mains drainage network. Removal of sewage from Toilets, show grounds, venues and building sites can be arranged minimising any inconvenience.

What is a Cess Pit?

A cesspit is a sealed tank for the reception and temporary storage of sewage. Because it is sealed, the tank must be emptied frequently in many cases as often as weekly. Because of the need for frequent emptying, the cost of maintenance of a cesspit can be high

A cesspit can smell as it has to allow sewage gasses to vent and exit the tank. They need to be checked regularly so that you are aware they need emptying.

Tank sizes range from 18000 litre to 84000 litres.

A cess pit can over flow or leak

Overflowing or leaking cesspits are an offence under the 1936 Public Health act. Also if it pollutes a water course the Environment Agency may take legal action. This can lead up to a £20,000.00 fine and 3 month imprisonment.

If a cesspit leaks please call us so we can resolve the issue. Do not try to fix your self do not entre the tank as gases could suffocate you.

What is a septic Tank?

Many people confuse a cesspit with a septic tank. Septic tanks do provide a basic sewage treatment system and have an outlet to a soakaway. Hence they only require emptying once a year


Drainforce LTD. Heol Ffaldau, Brackla Industrial Estate, Bridgend. CF32 2AJ

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